Homes That Have Sold in The Garrison Hills Community


Sold Section At Renovations Specialist


This was built and sold in 2021 in 12 months! Come visit us at Garrison Hills



Beautiful Home Built in 12 Months in Weaverville





Sold Section At Renovations Specialist

This Custom home was completed May 2022 in Garrison Hills ! The property boasts long range views from the east and west. Renovations Specialist and the Homeowner’s worked together to prepare a ranch floor plan that met all our clients needs and situated the home to take advantage of the great views.

Just Finished this New Build in Garrison Hills Community


Sold Section At Renovations Specialist



Speculative Custom Home Program is a success! Outstanding home design and craftsmanship
works fabulously for the Customers who are searching for a custom home but want to save
months of time in the construction process. We design the home, making all the interior and
exterior selections and decisions so the customer can see a vision for the home.


Custom Home Finished in Nine MonthsMountain Views for this lucky customer
 We handle all
of the interior and exterior style decisions with minimum effort by the Homeowner. Customers
are delighted to be in their home within 4-6 months of viewing the construction that is in place
and reviewing the finish details and adding their own personal touches.